Our Museum is planning our second exhibit and needs your help!

The Museum of the American Military Family is planning its next exhibit “Schooling With Uncle Sam” and is collecting short quotes for its panels. Over the next few months we’ll post a general category and if you’d like to contribute to the exhibit, feel free to post a short, complete thought under the post, along with the school/ year you were there. Please add if you were a teacher, student or parent. Additionally, if you have digital photos or movie footage to contribute to this exhibit or a possible documentary, either e-mail them to us or mail them to:


PO Box 5085

Albuquerque, NM 87185

 Email -militaryfamilymuseum@comcast.net

 Please indicate that all submissions become part of the museum collection.

Here are some quote Categories:


First Day of School

The Host Nation

Field Trips


Favorite Support Staff


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