About the Project:

“A core promise and challenge of ‘E Pluribus Unum’ is its call for unification from difference…

And by understanding – or at least experiencing through the pages of GRAICE –this complexity and diversity of experiences and views, I hope that we can lessen our divides and increase our abilities to speak to one another across our differences as well as through our shared experiences and hopes.”

A. The Book:

RELEASED Summer 2022

E PLURIBUS UNUM: GRAICE Under Pressure is a compilation of personal narratives by veterans and military family members that documents and archives their personal stories while in the US military community (1940s-present) and during moments of transition and struggle in the United States.

How do MANY become ONE without losing ONESELF? How does one unite in service and still keep one’s personhood? This question was asked by the Museum of the American Military Family and its Veteran•Family•Community Collaborative. The museum’s two Writers-in-Residences, Valarie Bonham Moon and Connie Kinsey wrote a series of essays using single word prompts exploring topics like gender, community, diversity, faith, conflict and bias. Half a dozen young authors wrote their own essays on the same topics. Bookends—from different generations and perspectives. 

Our very talented Writer-in-Residence Connie Kinsey is showcasing our museum’s publication E Pluribus Unum at the West Virginia Book Festival in Charleston, WV.
To order a copy:

Here is Valarie Bonham Moon’s examination of Identity in the military/family.

The artwork:

Artist Brandon Palma created seventeen pieces to introduce the book’s chapters. Here are four with his explanations. 

Want to read the book?

The book was published in July 2022  by the Museum of the American Military Family Press.

It is available to buy here

“It contains the words, thoughts, and feelings of multiple generations in the military spectrum. It is witty and heartfelt, with tales of overseas living and cultural experiences. It is also heartbreaking and horrifying. It discusses topics such as racism, homophobia, misogyny, sexual assault, combat trauma, and PTSD. It is an IMPORTANT book…”

“Really pleased to take part in this project. Thanks so much for the opportunity.”

“By the time I got to page 17, I was crying. If a reader knows anything about military life, these contributions are moving. 

It’s home. It’s my life. It’s so much.”


B. The Podcast

GRAICE Under Pressure-the Podcast is an ongoing discussion about gender, religion, race, identity, culture and ethnicity hosted by the museum. People from all perspectives will be guests.

Want to hear the podcasts?

Visit the MAMF Media Podcast to hear episodes. Watch MAMF Writer-in-Residence Connie Kinsey’s thoughts on Identity on YouTube

C. The Educational Package-Coming in Summer 2024

The curriculum guide will be designed as a supplement to the book:


Gender, Religion, rAce, Identity, Culture, Ethnicity in the Military/Family


The information and resources compiled in this packet are not comprehensive; they are a place to start for those wanting to learn more about the individuals and their families living and serving in military communities. It was developed with input and content from many organizations. The photo above is from the museum’s SHOUT! curriculum guide. 

The development of the book and curriculum package was supported by generous grant from the McCune Foundation.


“In order to better understand history, it’s important to see it from all sides.”