Vision & Mission

Our Vision:

The Museum of the American Military Family and Learning Center is where people with shared and converging paths come together as community, inspiring a sense of place and history. As a repository for their stories, we shape the future by preserving our heritage, recording its evolution, and inviting dialogue by sharing our experiences with the world.

Our Mission:

The Museum of the American Military Family and Learning Center brings together people with shared experiences showcasing and honoring those who also served–America’s Military Families.

Our Values:

The Museum welcomes everyone regardless of age, ancestry, disability, national or ethnic origin, race, religious belief, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, political belief, or veteran status. We value unity, camaraderie and esprit de corps.

Our journey continues


Memberships & Affilitations


American Association of State and Local History


Veteran•Family•Community Collaborative (The museum’s multidisciplinary “think tank”)

We serve as a case study and internship site for the UNM Department of Museum Studies and the Anderson School of Management and UNM Small Business Institute.
We are listed in the National Initiative for the Arts & Health in the Military Directory
We are a Commemorative Partner site
We are a Bob Woodruff Foundation Veterans Intermediary Partner