Our Friends at the Apron Project Invite You to Create!

Announcing the Third Annual Apron Project Exhibit as Part of the NHCC Women & Creativity Month

Flyer Womyns Work: The Apron ProjectLast year a number of Brats, Veterans, Military Family Members, Poets & Writers exhibited in our installation at the National Hispanic Cultural Center.  It would be wonderful if we had more this year.  These are aprons with messages:  in words or visual images.  Some are very artistic.  Others are very simple.  You can see pictures of last year’s installation as well as more information on this year’s installation on our website:  http://www.womynswork.com/ .  The Submission Form is also available online at:  http://www.creativitycontinium.com/?page_id=1912 .  Drop off at 123 A 9th St SW by February 12, 2014.   This year’s installation is going to be on the corner of 9th and Gold in the same empty lot we used in 2011, our first year.    Opening Reception:  March 7, 2014 6-7 PM.  If you have any questions, please contact Ginger Quinn at 505 247-2537 or email her at gquinn411@gmail.com

Hope to see your apron waving in the wind.

Caroline LeBlanc, for Apron Installation & Womyn’s Work




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