Military Humor Exhibit to Open at the Museum of the American Military Family

Starting on July 14, museum visitors will enjoy “GI Jokes: A (Somewhat) Light-hearted Look at Military Life”, which will be on display in the museum’s education and performance gallery. GI Jokes is one of the museum’s rotating exhibits and will be on display through October. 

Created by historian and Army veteran Ron Panebouef and military spouse Stacy Parrott, the display includes works by more than a dozen prominent writers and artists. Panel art was designed by Army veteran Dominic Ruiz. 

Visitors, besides enjoying a smile or a chuckle or a nostalgic memory and perhaps shedding a tear, will also learn the origin of some of our most popular daily expressions and colorful military phrases. Comic book fans will appreciate the cover art, comics, and graphic novels on display.

The exhibit was sponsored by Kaufman’s West, Comic Warehouse, Rio Grande Credit Union, and TLC Books. 

The Museum of the Military Family is open Saturday through Wednesday 10:30-5:00