Caroline LeBlanc with prize-winning knitted shawl

By Allen Dale Olson

… Recently, Caroline LeBlanc, the Museum of the American Military Family MAMF Artist-in-Residence, told attendees at the  17th Annual New Mexico Veteran’s Art Show in Albuquerque, NM,  that organizations such as the Veterans Artists Project and the Museum of the American Military Family help Veterans transition from military to civilian life

She explained that the “arts are healing and that treatment programs for Veterans increasingly incorporate art, writing, and performance into therapeutic regimens.”

LeBlanc, who co-directed the Telling Project through six performances in Albuquerque and who directed the oral presentation “Four Voices,” used those as examples of how Veterans and military family members find that “everyone is enriched through creative expression.”

She encouraged attendees to send their stories to MAMF because we “need more meaningful exchanges between American civilian and military citizens about the realities of military service, particularly in time of war, and about what the defense of our American lifestyle truly costs.”

LeBlanc also received two awards in the show – one for pottery and one for knitting. She is an Army nurse Veteran and an Army wife who lived through the Vietnam War as well as her husband’s deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Prize winning pottery piece by Caroline LeBlanc

Prize winning pottery piece by Caroline LeBlanc

  • Caroline is so wonderful! It’s rare that you find someone who is such a talented artist herself but who also does SO MUCH to encourage art and expression among others.

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