Looking Back & Moving Forward!

Some quick facts:

 Books in our Special Collections Library:  651

Folios of first-hand memories: 220

Original Letters Home dating from WWI to present: 115

As we look back at our museum’s accomplishments for 2017, we are grateful for the support we have had over the past year, and we are also amazed at what we have accomplished with our very small, but determined all-volunteer Board of Directors.

2017 Accomplishments:

  • Built and dedicated a memorial honoring military families
  • Compiled and published 3 anthologies
  • Created SHOUT/Inside Out exhibit
  • Hosted the War Child/Battlefield Home weekend of reflection
  • Designed and constructed our Victory Garden and Brat-Hood project
  • Dedicated our Flagpole
  • Hosted 3 Naturalization ceremonies
  • Hosted 2 Open Houses
  • Presented Vietnam: A Tale of Two Wars
  • Conducted a transformative paper making workshop for women veterans
  • Started the 5th Thursday programs
  • Hosted a Leadership class retreat
  • Coordinated the New Mexico Midway leg for Run for the Wall

2018 is looking just as busywe plan to do the following:

  • Get an AV system for the memorial
  • Continue the 5th Thursday program
  • Participate in the Veterans’ winterfest weekend in Angelfire
  • Present a second exhibit: STILL SHOUTING!
  • Healing & Recovery Journey workshops and exhibits
  • Host quarterly Naturalization ceremonies
  • Valentine-making workshop for children
  • Create and publish a Christmas graphic novel
  • Film a short documentary
  • Create a stage play based on stories from SHOUT!
  • Collaborate with the Love-Armor Project for an event in Santa Fe

The museum counts on grants and small donations from community members to bring these events free of charge to the public. We are active on Facebook, Twitter, our 3 Podcasts and 7 blogs. You can link to all of them through our webpage at: www.militaryfamilymuseum.org.

 Please consider donating to MAMF to ensure its continued success and the preservation of military family historyany amount is greatly appreciated!

 Physical Donations:  We are especially looking for:

Letters from troops to their families (originals and copies)

Memory stories from military spouses, parents and children (e-mail or snail mail)

Memory stories from DODDS Teachers (e-mail or snail mail)

Books by spouses and brats for our library

Family member memorabilia (anything)

Your military story written on a postcard.

Our mailing address is:

Museum of the American Military Family & Learning Center

PO Box 5085

Albuquerque, NM 87185